DabX Flight Manual

pro tips

  • it is recommended you prime a new atomizer when using it for the first time. this is done by loading a large dab and running a full heating cycle on the blue heat setting without smoking it.
  • never heat your atomizer without product loaded on the center heating plate. always let pre-heating cycle finish before taking your dab.
  • heat can be turned off if you finish your dab before the heating cycle finishes by clicking the power button 1 time. this will keep you from wasting product and preserve your terps.
  • always try to keep go in a vertical position while not in use.
  • press on the X logo in the center of the silicone top to create a watertight seal while in case.
  • how to use

    please fully charge before first use. only use the dabX approved usb-c fast charging cable provided.
    remove glass upper unit from base, magnetic lock can be easily separated by tilting to the side.
    add water to the glass rig. the optimal amount should cover roughly 1/3 of the inner cone.

    remove magnetic glass guard from atomizer and load your atomizer with the desired amount of concentrate. place magnetic glass guard back on atomizer.

  • you can load mulitple dabs at one time without wasting any concentrate.
  • for best results, try to center the product in the middle of the atomizer.
  • make sure you never start a heating cycle wihtout product loaded in the atomizer.
  • it is highly recommended that you break in your atomizer the first time it is put in use. this is done by loading a large dab and running a heating cycle on blue.
  • for best results, use the dab tool to pack product down into the center plate of the atomizer.
  • place the glass upper unit on base. you will feel the magnets snap back into place.
    click 5X
    click power button 5x to turn on the device. the go is automatically set to the blue temp setting. find more info in the quick guide section.
    click power button 2x to start the heating cycle. you will feel the base vibrate to let you know the preheating has started.
    over the next 15 seconds the go will heat your dab to the perfect temperature. the light blinking will let you know the heating is in process and is under way.
    the go will vibrate again and the light will remain illuminated to let you know your dab is ready. the light will stay on while the atomizer remains heated. when you are finished, click the power button again to power down the atomizer before clearing the rig.
    for best results inhale gently to allow product to fully vaporize. it's best to milk the device similar to how you would hit a normal bong.

    when the dab finishes you can clear your rig by using the carb button.

    user interface quick guide

    the dabX go comes programmed with 4 intelligent heating profiles calibrated for different types of concentrates. these can be cycled through by clicking the power button 3 times.

    manual mode

    at any point the battery can be activated in manual mode by simply holding down the power button. this is recommended to use if the heating cycle has finished and you want to continue dabbing.

    dab mode

    dab mode is designed to skip the preheating cycle when doing multiple dabs from a warm atomizer that has recently gone through at least one heating cycle. to activate dab mode hold the power button down for one second, when the light begins to blink, immediately click the button a second time. then the light will blink for 3 seconds while heating up to dab temperature and will remain there. heat can always be turned off by clicking the power button one time.

    battery protection

    when the battery is at 50% you will get a 2 blink warning (red). at 20% 5 blink warning (red) heating cycles will be disabled. (only manual mode will be active)

    cleaning and maintenance

    the dabX go is designed to not need cleaning in between dabs. it is recommended that you clean the atomizer mount every 50-100 dabs. to clean, grab the atomizer and pull up to remove from the base, then unscrew the atomizer from the mount and soak both pieces in 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol and aloow it to soak for 15 to 20 minutes to alloww reclaim to become broken down. rinse away any remaining residue with hot water then air-dry.
    after the unit has fully dried, reinsert the stem into the base of the unit and you're good to go!
    it is recommended that you check the reclaim tray located at the bottom of the base every 25-50 dabs, the easiest way to clean is to remove the silicone tray and place in the freezer until solid, the pop out. we have also included 2 secret compartments for an emergency dab or two (just in case).
    the daX go comes with 2 atomizers, if you wish to change the atomizer, it can removed by twisting counter clockwise.
    to improve the life of your atomizer make sure there is concentrate always loaded on the center plate before heating.
    *for warranty repairs or customer support contact us at info@dabx.com
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