Flight Manual

to ensure your own safety and to prevent possible damage to your mk.1: do not expose mk.1 to rain. clean with 91%+ isopropyl alcohol. place mk.1 on a flat and level surface to prevent it from falling.
be careful when touching the mk.1 atomizer after use: surface can get hot especially after multiple uses at a time.
to prevent malfunction or damage, turn off the power to the battery before traveling with device. your mk.1 consumes very little power when not in use. when not in use for extended period we recommend powering the unit “off”
operating temperature
10 ºc to 45 ºc (50°f to 113°f)
storage temperature
-10 ºc to 45 ºc (14°f to 113°f)
relative humidity
20% to 80% non-condensing


please charge fully before first use. only use dabx approved charge cable provided in your mk.1 box. contact us at info@dabx.com to purchase additional charging cables.
to charge, insert the USB-C cable into the charge port located on the back of the battery. while charging, the dabX logo will pulse on and off. when charging is done it will turn solid white.
to power on, click the button on the battery 5x. the dabX logo will flash 3 times.
check the power level of the battery by clicking the button 4x. the dabX logo will flash 1-10 times depending on charge level: 10 flashes = 100%, 5 flashes = 50% etc.

attach the battery to the mk.1 - the magnets will do most of the work here. on a full charge the battery will last 30-50 dabs.

the dabX logo will flash twice to verify connection.

fill your rig with water and then insert the mk.1 as shown above via the glass-on-glass adapter. rotate the mk.1 into a comfortable position and press firmly to secure in place.

the mk.1 is designed to be used by both left handed and right handed dabbers.

load the atomizer with your desired concentrate using a dab tool. we’ve provided a titanium dab tool to aid this process.

for best results always try to center the product in the middle of the atomizer.

temperature profiles

the mk.1 is preprogrammed with 4 unique temperature profiles.
click the battery button three times to switch between temperature profiles.
each temperature profile is designed for different situations from product type to large rigs with high flow.
we recommend starting with the blue profile and experimenting to determine your favorite temperature profile.

launch sequence

when your mk.1 is loaded and you’ve selected a temperature profile it’s time to dab.
launch sequence is designed to take all the guesswork out of electronic dabbing.
when ready: double click the battery button to initiate launch sequence.
the heating led will start flashing and you’ll feel a haptic response to verify launch sequence start.
launch sequence automatically preheats the atomizer and the product inside until it reaches the correct temp.
when preheating is finished the mk.1 is ready to dab.
you’ll feel another haptic response and the dabX logo will remain illuminated until the sequence is done. you can always stop dabbing at any time by clicking the button once to cancel.
inhale slowly - allowing the product to fully vaporize as it passes down and through the inner-chamber.

bypass valve

once your dab is complete, clear the rig using the bypass valve located on the side of your mk.1
pressing in the bypass valve button draws ambient air into the mk.1
inhale gently to reduce reclaim and maximize product vaporization.
clearing your rig completely will also help keep your glass looking clean.

manual mode

if launch sequence finishes before you’re done dabbing you can use manual mode.
hold the battery button down to extend your dab, release when done.
manual mode is useful when dabbing high volume or using larger rigs.
always use launch sequence first when atomizer is cold before using manual mode.

dab mode

if you’ve just taken a dab using launch sequence and want to take another one - use dab mode.
click and hold for 1 sec then click again. the dabX logo illuminates and you’re ready to dab again.
dab mode is useful when dabbing with friends or during an extended session.
dab mode skips the preheat sequence and activates the dab mode.


disassemble the mk.1 by unscrewing the atomizer and pulling the glass adapter out.
if bypass valve needs cleaning unscrew button housing and remove button with spring.
soak the parts in 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol for as long as necessary to remove reclaim build-up.
the mk.1 reverse-flow atomizer is very hard to clog, to maintain consistent performance we recommend cleaning when you notice reclaim start to develop.
thoroughly rinse the parts in water and air-dry in direct sunlight or near an open window before reassembling.


• dabX logo flashing red: the atomizer isn’t being recognized by the battery.*
to fix: first disconnect the battery from the mk.1 and then reconnect it with a solid “click”. if problem persists continue to the next step.
unscrew the atomizer by turning it counter clockwise a few times, then tighten it back down gently.
reattach battery to the mk.1 and confirm connection. if problem persists unscrew the atomizer and clean the bottom contact points and reattach.
*for warranty repairs or customer support contact us at info@dabx.com
• blank screen: nothing lights up on the battery when trying to activate it.
the battery may be turned off - try turning it on by clicking the button 5x.
if nothing happens when clicking 5x - try plugging in the battery using the cable included in the package.*
allow the battery to charge for 30+ minutes before trying to turn it on again.
*only use dabX approved charge cable provided in your mk.1 box.
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